Luxurious Outdoor Garden Buildings

With extraordinary versatility and an endless system of modular arrangements, our garden buildings are the ultimate way to experience outdoor living at its finest. From gyms to kitchens and offices to spas, there’s simply no limit to what you can achieve.

Discover Outdoor Living Without Compromise

Our stunning garden buildings allow you to experience open-air living like never before. Our beautiful Italian-designed structures incorporate an innovative range of bioclimatic features so you can create the perfect space whatever your requirements. As self-supporting or wall-mounted modules, you have the complete flexibility to build your bespoke design anywhere on your property. Whether you’re looking to create a luxurious space to relax and socialise or a practical gym or home office, our concealed perimeter awnings, smoked and mirror sliding glass walls can give you complete privacy, allowing you to enjoy your space how you choose whenever you choose. Our extraordinary outdoor garden buildings represent cutting-edge design without compromise.

Pratic Roof

Beauty Meets Simplicity

As with all the most spectacular designs, the clean and refined visual simplicity of our exceptional garden buildings conceals the extraordinary complexity behind their precise construction. Our sleek aluminium pergolas seamlessly blur the boundaries between inside and outside, delivering the freedom to create exactly the home you imagine. Choose from 38 beautiful colourways conceived by Italy’s leading fashion experts paired with the most stylish concealed awnings and breath-taking panoramic windows.

Garden building extension

The Benefits of A Home Extension Without The Hassle

A home extension can seem like an obvious choice when looking to create a new outdoor living space, however, our fantastic garden buildings provide the same level of permanence and durability for a fraction of the effort. Their innovative design and exemplary quality ensure they stand up to all weather conditions, and while a home extension requires the preparation of planning permissions and complex building plans, our freestanding structures can simply be designed to your requirements and installed straight away. With their minimal architectural aesthetic, our beautiful garden buildings complement a wide range of homes and environments making them a stylish, convenient and practical solution to outdoor living.